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About Scottish Dance. . .

Scottish Dance: It's old. . . it's new. . . it's fun. . . it's social.

Scottish country dance is the traditional dance of Scotland. It’s based on ancient folk dances, mixed with elements of ballet, influences from the Royal court of France, and some overlap with Highland dancing. Scottish country dance was carried around the world by Scottish immigrants, and by Highland regiments. It remains popular world-wide, and in unlikely places such as Paris, Japan, and Moscow <some international events>.

SCD is great fun for young and old but it IS challenging mentally and physically. You must be fit, and quick on the uptake. Some people can pick it up on the fly, but the better way is to take Lessons.

Some of the dances we do are 300 years old; many are newly (and cleverly) devised to incorporate intricate formations. We dance lively jigs and reels and the distinctively Scottish, and very stately, Strathspey. We also dabble in marches and waltzes. To learn more, click on Lessons.

Classes for young people are available here.

General Questions & Health Benefits

Any number of journal articles and studies have shown the social and health benefits of dancing in general and Scottish country dancing in particular. Anyone who dances Scottish country will tell you "It's fun!".

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“the feeling that you are a part of
something so big, and special, and floor-shaking never loses its magic!”

. . . Tara M.

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A Family Ceilidh

Dance for joy

As you can see from this video taken at the Christmas Dance, Scottish Country Dance is lively, multi-generational, and rockin’ good fun!

There are 6 “monthly dances” each season, with wonderful live music. The March dance especially welcomes dancers from the Beginner Classes.

There are at least two formal  /semi-formal balls, and numerous other special events.